How we support homeschooling families in Dubai

Why choose Cascade?

We offer 21st Century learning, in a child friendly environment, focusing on developing social and emotional, creative, physical, academic, and life skills. We are a community of parents and children offering a truly holistic combination of learning journeys and workshops. We provide families the freedom to develop flexible learning solutions balancing their time at Cascade with their learning time and at home.

We provide a progressive learning space where your child may still need structure to develop their social and emotional skills, as well as thrive in a group environment. This flow is also helpful for children who are seeking to integrate back into a school or are in a transition period. Cascade is a KHDA approved learning centre. We work closely with several schools in Dubai to support our learners so that they will be ready, if they choose, to integrate their new skills back into a school or decide to remain as part of our community.  
Teacher with young students

What are the learning journeys available to homeschoolers in Dubai at Cascade Education?

At Cascade we have become a hub for families who want their children to learn outside of the traditional school system for a variety of reasons. We support families to meet the needs of their children, whether these are social, emotional or academic needs.

We run a Morning Enrichment (ME) with groups of learners aged 4-11 years old who are not attending school. It runs from 8:00 – 14:00 Monday to Friday, and learners can attend 2 – 5 days per week as required.
We offer after-school Uplifting Skill (US) courses to learners between 14:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday, as well as, additional maths or English support.
As part of the Cascade model, we believe it is extremely important for teenagers to be prepared for what life may bring them. With this in mind, we offer Worldly Entrepreneurship(WE) courses and workshops to develop essential 21st Century life skills.

We run interactive and engaging holiday camps during the Dubai school holidays. These are generally attended by learners who are either attending schools, traveling temporarily, or homeschooled learners.

To find out more or visit us for a tour, please call us on +971 50 870 7635 or email us at to book an appointment and learn the ways we can support your children.

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