How it all
started and is evolving

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How We Started

Cascade was founded in January 2013 by Jacqueline McGarva to contribute to the emotional, social and well-being of all children. The main aim is to provide programmes to cater for the whole child in a welcoming, safe, challenging and creative environment.

Developing the four major learning styles: auditory, verbal, visual and kinaesthetic; whilst promoting a positive attitude to lifelong learning is Cascade’s main ethos. Cascade is a complete holistic and blended learning centre where the child comes first.

Our Vision

Cascade is the missing link between traditional and progressive education offering flexible solutions to allow families to select the education style to best suit their child. Our goal is to nurture children’s creativity which will ignite their fun in learning, resulting in self-confidence and an ability to tackle life’s challenges head on.

Through our progressive and forward-thinking concept, we bring together educational foundations and combine this with social, emotional and mental well-being skills.
Group of Children Running

Why choose Cascade?

  • Nurturing community involvement.
  • Every child should be given the opportunity to ignite their creativity and confidence in a safe environment.
  • Flexibility in the child’s learning experience and structure; whether it is at school, online or home schooled.
  • Our primary goal is to guide students, be it in a supporting role, in school or those being home schooled or learning online.
  • Inclusive, personalised tuition.
  • Our individualised teaching approach allows for an environment that develops the academic, social, emotional and mental well-being skills of all the students.
  • Parents can choose programmes, select classes, and decide on the frequency to best suit their child’s needs.
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